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How to Throw

How to Throw a Ball


The best way to throw the WaveRunner Ball is side-armed or on an angle to see the ball skip on water To get the best bounce, throw the WaveRunner Ball side-armed as hard as possible Throw the WaveRunner Ball like you are skipping a rock Use your WaveRunner Ball at the pool, lake, ocean or any body of water. The bigger the body of water, the farther our 6.0 balls will go The WaveRunner Mega Balls can be used in the ocean, but bounce best in a smaller body of water, such as a pool In order to make the WaveRunner Ball skip or bounce several times in the water you should throw it at an angle.


The WaveRunner Ball should not be thrown straight on the water as it will not bounce Do not play with the WaveRunner Ball on hard surfaces because this causes damage to the ball. It is strictly meant for the water Never throw the WaveRunner Ball directly at someone's face to reduce the risk of injury BEST WAYS TO TAKE CARE OF THE WAVERUNNER BALL In order to keep the WaveRunner Ball from splitting or getting damaged we suggest the following: After playing in the water, remove excess water by gently pressing it with your fingers. Then wipe it dry with a towel and let it dry overnight Remember to remove the WaveRunner Ball from the water when not using it, so it will have ample time to dry Avoid squeezing the ball too hard to get the excess water out or piercing the ball with your finger nails Keep the WaveRunner Ball away from pets and children under 3 years of age Children ages 6-12 years old should always be accompanied by an adult when playing with the WaveRunner Ball.